The Most Common Man’s Hairstyles of 2020


The Most Common Man’s Hairstyles of 2020

Let’s look at the most beautiful and style hair 2019-2020


One of the most beautiful haircuts with bangs. Hair in the parietal region and in the bangs is left of medium length. The occipital region and the temporal region are cut as short as possible. In the classic version, the strands are combed back and lifted. They add volume to the hair, but the shape should be smooth. To do this, they are cut to the same length. For a perfect hairstyle, curls must have a certain density. The created image attracts with the contrast of hair length, a mix of formal and informal style.

“It is perfect for any situation in life, helping to look brilliant.”

You can make this popular classic even more creative. For this, one temple is shaved. The other is left with elongated strands. If you wish, you can give this image brutality. To do this, a tattoo is made on a shaved temple or a drawing is shaved with a trimmer. The bangs can be removed not only back, but also combed to one side.

Long Hair Style

The key rules for styling curls with long hairstyle will be discussed below.

  1. Any styling should be done on clean and dry hair – in the case of haircuts with extra long curls, you will have to visit the hairdresser regularly to get rid of split ends and brittle hair ends.
  2. The washed curls should not be dried with a hair dryer – from streams of hot and dry air, the hair loses its strength and natural shine. This effect is most noticeable on long curls.
  3. To make your hair more manageable when combing, you can wet it a little before styling. It is not necessary to overdo it with the amount of moisture, since the curls after natural drying can take on a sloppy look.
  4. If we talk about styling products for styling, then to create additional volume, you should choose mousse or foam, and to give your hair a natural gloss or smoothly comb it on your head, gel or wax is best. Use a moderate amount of styling products or they will weigh down your hair.
  5. When styling, avoid placing the bun or tail too low – this option is more suitable for women, but in men’s haircuts it looks extremely inappropriate and feminine.
  6. To fix the hair in the hairstyle, it is better to use invisible or subtle elements. Avoid using bulky accessories – they will distract attention from the entire hairstyle. Hairpins and thin dark elastic bands have proven to be the best. In addition, bright accessories in hair rarely look good in a man’s look.

To make the hairstyle look even more extravagant and unusual, you can always experiment with the length of the hair at the temples, decorate them with unusual patterns or patterns. This combination with the tail can create, depending on the pattern, a stylish, provocative or romantic image.


Gained popularity in the 50s of the last century and is still fashionable. On medium-length hair, the temples are cut with a machine and the occipital hair is shortened. The bangs are left long. Most often it is combed back to increase its volume. If you plan to lay the bangs to one side, shorten the desired side. The created image indicates an innate sense of style and good taste in its owner.

Elongated hair is left in the region of the crown and on the crown. They fold back easily. Whiskey is not shaved. The length gently transitions from elongated strands to shorter ones. The transition line is made at different heights. It is high, low and medium. With any transition option, the haircut looks very neat.

” The combing is done using fixing means, and the resulting styling is very similar to the “British”. Looks good on wavy hair: the laid back waves look beautiful and elegant, adding a certain sophistication to the look.”


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