Wich do you Hairstyle to choose in 2021


Wich do you Hairstyle to choose in 2021?

Every year, the fashion for hairstyles and haircuts changes dramatically. Fashionable hair length, methods and techniques of the haircut itself, as well as hairstyles and styling are changing. In order not to get confused among the abundance of the proposed options, you should read our article, where we will tell you about the most relevant, stylish, beautiful and incredibly attractive hairstyles.

What haircut and hairstyle to look for in 2021

Stylists can give a clear answer to this question - we choose what is fashionable and relevant in the current year, we start from the individualities of facial features and shape, and we also try to take into account the type of hair.

The experts Hairmenstyle are confident that the following elements will be present in every trendy men’s haircut 2021:

  • Shortened or shaved whiskey;
  • Bangs to one side or missing;
  • Shortened or shaved hair on the back of the head;
  • Deliberate negligence in the lines;
  • Asymmetry;
  • Visible length differences within the same haircut.

As you can see, all these signs of fashionable men’s haircuts 2021 together form something incredibly dynamic and bright – inherent only in youth and recklessness. Salon masters easily integrate such details into any modern haircut, instantly making its owner younger and more attractive.

9 variation haircut

The old favorite way – just to shave baldly – is a thing of the past long ago! Even the shortest men’s haircuts in 2021 are becoming more unusual and original, emphasizing the individual characteristics of their owners.



A relative of the British woman, but with smoother transitions from level to level – these are the distinguishing features of this fashionable men’s haircut. 2021 spared the main features of the hairstyle, adding a fashionable comb of bangs to the side to the main!

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Undercut with parting

The fashionable undercut haircut for men in 2021 will have to acquire a pronounced parting that separates the two banks – elongated strands and very short ones. Looks stylish and even a little menacing: a good option for confident guys!

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Popular 2021 men’s haircuts for medium to long hair

If you are not shy and you are not stopped by such difficulties as daily styling in front of a mirror, welcome to our selection of the most fashionable and stylish men’s haircut trends 2021 for medium to long hair!


In the mid-2000s, mallet was disparagingly called an American farmer’s haircut. But the British musician David Bowie cannot be suspected of belonging to the Hillbilis of the Ozark, and it was he who wore the mullet when he was Ziggy Stardust. Cut the hair in the parietal zone shorter, grow the strands of the lower part of the back of the head longer – that’s the whole secret of the haircut. Stylist Andrey Mashyanov emphasizes that in his current version, the Mallet may look very natural, but still it is not always appropriate. If your life is all about business lunches and negotiations, mallet can become an unjustified image risk.

Man Bun

This fashionable men’s haircut is already considered quite provocative, so the stylists were still not enough, and for 2021 they chose the most daring variation of it – Top Knot. Here, shaved whiskey and the elongated crown of the head are held in high esteem, and the ponytail or knot is made at the very top so that everyone can see.

Styling a male bun is simple: first create volume in the parietal area with a hairdryer and a special spray (High Amplify Wonder Boost from Matrix, VolumeBloom from Biolage, Volumetry from L’Oréal Pro and a few other products provide wonderful volume). Then pull the strands into a high knot and secure with a small silicone rubber band to match your hair.


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