Rules for the Selection of Teenage Haircuts


Rules for the Selection of Teenage Haircuts

The rules for choosing teenage haircuts are pretty simple. The first thing worth paying attention to is appearance features.

Teenage Haircuts
Selection of Teenage Haircuts

Holders of a round face or square cheekbones with a mild chin are recommended to choose haircuts with volume on top and trimmed temples. It can be boxing, semi-boxing. Complex haircuts with an emphasis on the cheekbones and chin can be tried on by young men with a perfect face contour.

However, you can find a comfortable selection of teenage haircuts for any type of appearance. For example, with triangular and heart-shaped ovals of the face, the main emphasis shifts to the chin.

” For a teenager to be happy with his appearance, it is enough to simply avoid short haircuts, choosing long hair and smoothing out sharp lines with the help of graduated strands.”

Ready for styling

If your teen has long or medium hair, it is inevitably time-consuming to care for it. You can find a compromise by choosing simple shapes that lend themselves well to styling. If you don’t have time to wash your hair every day or if the level of physical activity of a young man is very high, you should pay attention to short hairstyles. Long hair hygiene will have to be paid much more attention.

Age category

  • Children under 13 are advised not to wear too extreme haircuts;

Here it is better to do without bright coloring, cardinal intervention in the shape and length of the hair. A hedgehog, semi-box, gavroche and even a classic square will do. 15 years is a time of experiments. You can try on almost any style of haircuts, make an undercut and wear a man’s bun or top knot.

Teenager’s opinion

In most cases, selection of teenage haircuts men 12-16 years old are well versed in fashion and know exactly what kind of haircut they want. You should only refrain from the most creative options. The main thing is to come to a reasonable compromise so that the child is sure that it was his opinion that was decisive.

Type, hair structure

Oily hair needs more careful hygiene and proper care. Otherwise, they look untidy. Dry ones are often devoid of volume and require graduated, layered haircuts. Curly strands are even more demanding: hairstyles with clear shapes are not suitable here, but options where random styling is provided will be very useful.

“The steeper the curls in the hair, the more carefully one should approach the volume – not everyone is Afro-hairsty and greatly change the proportions of the face.”

Hair Length

If a teenager wants to wear long hair, you should immediately consider the following points:

  • On thin hair, the volume will give the correct thinning or raised bangs;
  • Thick strands can be supplemented with lengthening on the forehead;
  • Curls are tamed using graduation and asymmetry;
  • Quality matters – unkempt hair looks bad with great length;
  • To change the image, you can use bunches, parting, braids and tails.

If your facial features are still quite childish, you shouldn’t grow long hair. In angular youths with thin cheekbones, hair lengthening, on the other hand, will help smooth out the harshness of the appearance. If you want a short haircut, you shouldn’t experiment with military under 1 mm.

There are many hairstyles to avoid unpleasant peer associations.


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