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Hair Coloring, at Home or in a Barbershop?

Hair Coloring, let’s figure out where it is better and cheaper.

Hair Coloring, at Home or in a Barbershop?
Hair Coloring, at Home or in a Barbershop?

Do not skimp on your own hair and appearance. You can be so wrong that you end up paying more to fix the error. However, there are daredevils who buy hair dyes and dye their hair themselves. They are not interested in the question: how much does men’s hair coloring cost in the salon.

Why is it so expensive to dye your hair in a barbershop?

Gray, brown, long, short, thin, thick hair – in the price list of any salon, each option has its own price. Why? Because too many factors influence the order of rendering services in the salon, in particular:

  • Staining technique. Giving a native shade of saturation will cost less than converting a brunette into a blonde, and creative coloring will become more expensive than highlighting. This is influenced by the type and thickness of hair, their length, the presence of gray hair, and more. Hence the difference in complexity and cost of work;
  • Used paint. It all depends on the brand. For example, the Wella collection is considered to be a more economical option compared to the Lebel. The reason for the price difference is the speed of color change, the degree of care of the dye to the hair, and in many other things;
  • The length of the curls. Of course, it takes less time, effort and paint to transform a short head of hair than long hair. As a result, the service price varies.

How much does men’s hair coloring at home cost?

This procedure will cost only the price of the paint. However, do not rush to enjoy the savings! The type of hair, their condition, length – all this and much more is taken into account by the master when serving each specific client and when choosing a dye.

Thanks to his efforts, the shade lays down evenly, the scalp does not suffer from allergies, and the hair retains its elasticity and shine. At home, this effect cannot be achieved.

Is it possible to do without professional tools?
Can. But this way of “saving” affects the quality and budget of hair coloring. In addition, the effect of professional cosmetics is stronger and safer than that of conventional ones:

Of course, salon products can be bought. They are freely available. But they will cost more than for a barbershop, since they are purchased at retail. Discounts are always offered to wholesalers. And this also affects the price, so it is more profitable to paint in the salon.

Is it cheaper to paint at home?

How much does a salon hair color for men cost? – answering this question, one should not forget about the additional benefits that a visit to the barbershop gives.

First of all, when paying for the services of a master, the opportunity is bought to plunge into the atmosphere of a real men’s club. Such experiences are priceless. In addition, the time spent on painting in the salon is minimal, since the barber gets “access” to the entire head. This is reflected in the uniformity of the shade.

At home, without the help of another person, nothing will work. Yes, and such a quality, as that of a master, still cannot be achieved. Therefore, you have to go to the salon and fix everything.

So it is much more profitable to immediately contact a barbershop!


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