How to Dry and Style your Hair


How to Dry and Style your Hair?

In order for the hair of a teenage boy to look well-groomed even without the use of styling products, it is enough to simply take care of the necessary minimum of accessories from the very beginning: a brush (round brush) and a hairdryer. With their help, you can shape or create volume on strands of any length.

Style your Hair
Dry and Style your Hair

There are Some helpful Styling Tips.

  1. Short hair is blow-dried with a diffuser, slightly lifting it with your fingers at the roots.
  2. Strands longer than 5 cm are twisted with brushing. The tips are wound inward, at the roots the volume is created in the direction of growth.
  3. The distance from the hair dryer to the head should be at least 20 cm. The direction of the air flow is according to hair growth.
  4. Fluffy strands are treated with cream or wax before drying.
  5. Gel applied to wet hair during drying will help “Style” even the most unruly hair.

Following these recommendations, you can not only choose a beautiful and fashionable haircut for your teenager, but also teach him how to wear it correctly.


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