Haircuts for thin hair: looks for the coveted volume


Haircuts for thin hair: looks for the coveted volume

The long-awaited volume for fine hair: choosing the most fashionable haircuts!

Haircuts for fine hair are much more diverse than it might seem at first glance. Have you been told that with thin hair you can’t achieve volume or make an interesting hairstyle? This article will convince you that it is not!

But there is a plus: thin hair is usually very soft, like a small child. Unlike sparse hair, the main characteristic of which is the small number of hair shafts themselves, thin hair seems to be completely devoid of volume due to the fact that it has a very small hair diameter.

For example, most blondes have very thick but fine hair. Thin hair means brittle, easily tangled hair that is difficult to style.

Aside from cutting for fine hair, try all the ways to add volume

Before choosing a haircut for fine hair, it is worth learning 5 secrets of volumizing hair.

1. Shampoo for fine hair

Prefer shampoos to strengthen your hair. Balms from the same series will help to enhance their effect.

Tip: If you love thickening products, TRESemmé Protein Thickness Shampoo and Conditioner is worth a look. Their protein-based formula helps penetrate the hairs and plump them from the inside out.

2. Balm for fine hair

If your hair is very thin, do not apply the balm to the entire hair length. Try using it closer to the ends. This will minimize the risk of weighing the hair and avoid the “icicle” effect.

3. Dry shampoo for fine hair

Does fine hair get dirty pretty quickly and require frequent washing? You can alternate shampooing with dry shampoo, which will remove oiliness from the roots and give your hair a fresh scent. And, of course, the air volume from the roots.


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