All About fashion trends in haircuts for a boy 2019-2020


All About fashion trends in haircuts for a boy 2019-2020

For boys this season, many options for haircuts have opened: from short to elongated. It all depends solely on the personal characteristics of appearance and preferences. The current trend in fashion is for the teenager to feel free and comfortable in expressing himself.

Most haircuts, both for toddlers and teenage boys, are based on the main principle: to correctly emphasize facial features. Haircuts are no longer divided into adults and children, this line has long been erased and now, going to the salon, you can experiment with completely different hairstyle options. In the coming season, designers have focused on accuracy.

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What haircut to choose

If you are choosing a hairstyle for a very young child under 3 years old, then pay attention to the hair structure. If they are fluffy, then the most correct choice will be in favor of a simple haircut.

At an older age from 3 years old, you can already experiment with different types of haircuts, and even make a choice from the adult hairstyle category. But it’s important to remember that the longer your hair, the harder it will be to comb, so choose a medium length haircut.

The versatility of fashionable haircuts presented on the catwalks allows you to focus on symmetrical facial features, and also to even out asymmetry by means of different-level haircuts. So, long haircuts suit almost everyone, and emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes. They can be combed in different directions, and play with images. Short haircuts have a narrower specificity and are suitable for boys with a perfect skull structure.


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