Best Men’s Haircut for Dyeing Hair


Best Men’s Haircut for Dyeing Hair

The trend of recent years is dyed hair and highlights. Moreover, the latter option is suitable not only for young people, but also for representatives of age groups. The reason is that it looks natural.

When it comes to coloring, the choice of color is almost unlimited. The main thing is that it is in harmony with the appearance and style of clothing. In this case, you can even ignore the fashion. But it’s worth contacting a barbershop. Hair coloring and men’s haircuts must be entrusted to professionals. Then the hair will stay alive.

How to choose a shade for painting hair?

The simplest recommendation: the color should be such that it highlights the best on the face and hides imperfections. Using this rule, base your eye shade. If it is cold, give preference to “warm” paint. It is not difficult even for an inexperienced person to define a warm and cold palette:

  • An abundant presence of red indicates warmth;
  • A large proportion of blue indicates a cold range.

For example, if your eye color is predominantly blue, choose warm tones when coloring your hair. Moreover, blue is not necessarily present only in blue eyes. Green or brown eyes can be cold. This difference in tonality creates a contrast. As a result, “warm” hair further emphasizes the expressiveness of the eyes. Even faded blue becomes more spectacular and sharper against the background of a red haircut.

But if you take paint with a predominance of blue to the cold color of the eyes, then the skin will visually come to the fore. All pimples and other defects on it will immediately stand out. But the eyes themselves will lose brightness. Not even the saturation of their own hue will save.

Which haircut to choose?

Any haircut is suitable for hair coloring. The most important thing here is the qualification of the master. For example, if you choose gray for yourself, remember: it is considered the heaviest of the entire palette. The reason is that the paint should lie on the discolored curls in order to cover them evenly. The presence of yellow spots will ruin the whole thing. Therefore, it is important that the master is a real pro. If the choice falls on red shades, then they are the most unpretentious. They go on any hair, including bleached ones. Barber mistakes and poor care are forgiven.

As for the choice of men’s haircuts for dyeing hair, the following are considered ideal:

Crop. The haircut is somewhat reminiscent of a hat that covers the crown and forehead. On the sides and on the back of the head – everything is shaved. Bright, rich paint will look very interesting on such hair. Even a neon color will do;

Surfer haircut. Usually it is chosen by those with long hair. It is enough to grow curls up to the shoulders. The ideal solution is highlighting. But it is worth preserving the natural shades of the hair, and giving the streaked strands naturalness. Then there will be the effect of sun-bleached hair;


But whatever men’s haircut is chosen, it is better to entrust hair coloring to a professional. He will not only accurately select the shade, but also correctly withstand the composition in order to set the desired color and effect and keep the hair alive!


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