How to Create Different Pompadour Haircut


Create Different Pompadour Haircut

The modern interpretation of the male pompadour hairstyle has become more prevalent among men. The classic hairstyle goes well with sideburns, beards and is perfect for a man’s everyday look. But despite its merits, this haircut needs a lot of care. There are some features that allow your hair to look sophisticated and well-groomed.

how to cut pompadour

In men with beards, the appearance of thick hair should be created on the sides and near the temples. This is done using special styling and strands.

Young people who prefer this hairstyle are great at styling their hair back, first lifting it up.

  • The master must observe the ratio of the length of the strands and the length that he cuts at the temples.
  • The haircut should have styling.
  • Hair length on top visually makes the man taller.
  • This hairstyle suits a man with a round or square face type.
  • With an elongated face oval, it is advisable to make the length of the hair on top shorter, because this visually lengthens the face.
  • With a narrow face, you need to model the elongated side strands.
  • The greater the contrast in the length of the strands, the more noticeable the owner of the haircut becomes.

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designer haircut

Hair Styling

With a high-quality professional haircut, the pompadour hairstyle will not cause problems. It is enough to make a bouffant, remove the strands back and fix with varnish. Care should be taken when using the fixing means as you can get glass hair as a result.

Styling with the effect of wet hair is also common. Its secret lies in the even distribution of the fixing means. For this, wax or gel is used and applied to the hair roots, minimally affecting the ends. You need to form the strands with a hair dryer and a comb. Knowing these tricks, you can do this styling yourself:

  1. Mousse or gel is applied to cleanly washed hair.
  2. Divide the strands into parting and use the hair styling product to give the desired shape.
  3. Comb the hair from the forehead to the back of the head and dry the hair with a hairdryer using a comb.
  4. Apply a gel with the effect of wet hair or wax in small amounts on the strands and a little on the temples.

haircut pompadour

A pompadour-style hairstyle will add style and sophistication to any look, but for this your hair must be thick enough.


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