Fashionable men’s coloring


Fashionable men’s coloring, why and who needs it?

One of the most common reasons why men begin to think about dyeing their hair is the desire to at least visually return youth and hide gray hair. Among the other most common factors, stylists highlight:

  • Striving to make your image more vivid and original;
  • Change of image;
  • Reduce the intensity of graying hair.

It is important to understand that hair coloring for men has a number of important features. This primarily concerns the structure of male hair. Most often, they are tougher than those of the fair sex.

This is due to the higher testosterone levels. Therefore, not all paint products that women use are suitable for men.

Here you need to buy paint, which is characterized by a greater activity of substances and an enhanced effect. It is available in various types – paint-gel, cream and mousse.

You need to make a decision to dye your hair or not consciously, and after weighing all the pros and cons. In particular, male hair coloring requires periodic repetition of the procedure, it is necessary to monitor how quickly the roots grow back, in addition, there are cases when, after using the paint, the skin begins to peel off, and the hair becomes brittle. To minimize the likelihood of such negative consequences, it is better to immediately contact professional male hairdressers – barbers.

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The most popular techniques for dyeing male hair

This season, according to authoritative sources, as well as professional barbers, the types and techniques of male hair dyeing will be the most demanded and popular:

  1. Highlighting – is considered the most versatile and has a number of important advantages (does not need frequent adjustments, naturalness, suits different hair colors and types, hides gray hair well);
  2. Balayazh is one of the main trends of 2020, this technique allows you to achieve the effect of strands naturally burnt out in the sun, looks very stylish and effective;
  3. Dyeing in different colors is the most creative option, which is also very relevant this season, especially among young people, most often performed on pre-bleached hair;
  4. Painting over gray hair – can be done in different ways, depending on the desired result.


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