Creative haircuts for boys


Creative haircuts for boys

If earlier boys chose haircuts based on the style of a certain subculture they wanted to be related to, now they pay more attention to the world of adult trends – in order to express their worldview.

What hairstyle would suit a modern boy? What options are most popular with peers? How to properly care for your hair? Our selection will easily help you sort out these and other questions.

Very often the growing up of a child is so fleeting for parents that sometimes many of them are not ready to accept the fact that a fully formed personality with their own notions of taste lives next to them, and not a little boy requiring care. In the event that your child has reached adolescence, we recommend that you show proper patience and work with him to select an individual style, as well as refrain from inappropriate criticism and indignation.

In this difficult period for a teenager, most of them want to stand out from their surroundings with the help of an original appearance that most closely matches their rebellious spirit.

Many people take into account the trend of fashion and choose the most stylish haircuts and styling. Hairdressers and image makers, in turn, have long pushed ordinary and inexpressive haircuts into the past, giving free rein to imagination and creativity.

Rules for choosing a hairstyle

Often, the search for an extraordinary style among yesterday’s obedient and exemplary boys ends up with cardinal changes in their image that shock even advanced parents. Most young people pay close attention to popular movie stars, sports stars or other famous personalities. In order for the result of imitation to meet expectations, you cannot do without the help of parents or professional stylists who will help you choose a stylish hairstyle that hides minor flaws in appearance.

Trendy haircuts for teenagers must meet the following requirements:

  • Correspond to modern fashion trends;
  • Be comfortable and easy to give in to daily styling;
  • Organically combine with the features of appearance, hair type, head shape;
  • Fit into the lifestyle of a young person, correspond to the type of activity and temperament in general.

Helpful hints

When choosing the right hair length, it is best to take into account the wishes of the youngest person. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the sphere of employment of the teenager, as well as his hobbies. For example, long strands that frame your face or oblique bangs can be inconvenient during training or active sports. In this case, cropped bangs, hair pulled back or to one side, as well as a modern and trendy mohawk can be an alternative. It is important, before making a final decision, to find out all the possible ways of styling your favorite hairstyle, as well as the time required for hair care.

Teenage hairstyles for short hair

Such haircuts are relevant for guys who are fond of sports and active pastime. Hair, no more than 5 cm long, keeps its shape perfectly throughout the day. In addition, caring for such strands will definitely not take much time and will not require a large arsenal of styling products – a drop of gel or wax applied to clean hair will be quite enough to create a creative look.

You can correct the shape of your face or hide flaws by leaving a bang of medium length, which can be combed in different ways. Note that for owners of dark-colored hair, a short haircut will add expressiveness, for fair-haired and light-haired – it is better to give preference to hairstyles while maintaining medium length.


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