The best universal men’s haircuts of the 2020 season


The best universal men’s haircuts of the 2020 season

Many new names and styles have appeared: haircuts fade, undercut, quiff, preppy, mohawk, pompadour, artificial hawk “Faux hawk”, which firmly occupy the first places among men’s hairstyles due to their versatility and a wide variety of styling

Wet Hair Effect

Men with thick, coarse hair should pay attention to the classic haircut with southern styling. The effect of wet hair, as after taking a shower or swimming in the sea, attracts the attention of girls and looks very sexy. Lift the front part of your hair up and comb it back, use a gel with a wet effect. Use a fine-toothed comb to create clear parting lines. Light bristles will make the look more complex and complete.

Ultra Short Haircut

Unlike female stylists, men rarely take facial shape into account. Therefore, having made a fashionable haircut, it may turn out that it makes you fat, or exposes your facial features in an unfavorable light. This is especially true for men with a round face shape, which, with an incorrect haircut, simplifies the image of its owner. To avoid this, choose an ultra-short hedgehog with a narrow, straight front hairline. Complete the look with a short beard, which will add a certain touch of brutality.

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Army Haircut Style

The military style does not give up its positions. This haircut will emphasize your masculinity, strength of character and self-confidence. An ultra-short haircut with sharp and clear geometric lines beautifully frames the face, it is quite easy to care for and does not require daily styling, it is especially suitable for a dynamic man who lives an active and busy life. Light stubble will complement the image of a strong and serious leader.


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