Hollywood stars hairstyles and beards


Hollywood stars hairstyles and beards

We’ve learned the secrets of Hollywood stars and will share with you the very best hairstyles and beard styles that make Hollywood stars look younger or older.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The hairstyle of Leonardo DiCaprio is a standard of stateliness, imposingness and the well-known handsome man never for a minute forgot about his hair. They excited the blood of fans as much as his manner of dressing. In some ways, the hairstyles of the actor Leonardo DiCaprio were simply unsurpassed, they combined romanticism, urban sophistication and extravagance, depending on the option chosen.

LAGUNA BEACH, CA – AUGUST 16: Actor Leonardo DiCaprio attends Oceana’s Annual SeaChange Summer Party on August 16, 2014 in Laguna Beach, California. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Bradley Pitt

If you still have no idea what grooming is, then take a look at Brad Pitt. You look at him and you understand: you can not be afraid to experiment with a hairstyle or beard shape.

And notice how often he goes from short hairstyles to long hairstyles, from stubble to a smooth shave. We think this is a good example to follow. To make sure of this, we looked at his most striking images since 2000.

William Bradley Pitt and him beard and hairstyle
William Bradley Pitt and him beard and hairstyle

Thomas Hardy

Tom Hardy’sThomas Hardy hairstyles are definitely a topic of discussion, as is his acting acumen. Throughout his career as a successful and popular British actor, he has experimented with many different haircuts that any guy with any hair type can mimic. Although the celebrity has naturally curly hair, he sometimes wears it straight. And, it seems, preferring casual looks, he knows how to style his hair for evening affairs. Let’s take a look at some of the famous Briton’s hairstyles.

Edward Thomas Hardy - hairstyles and beards
Edward Thomas Hardy – hairstyles and beards


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