Trends in 2020 in Men’s Hair Coloring


Trends in 2020 in Men’s Hair Coloring

This year is the year of brave men who are not afraid of experiments. The trend is shaved whiskey with a cold blond, textured strands and, of course, bright shades. Fashion shows make it clear that men’s hairstyles can be very different: long, curly, natural or colored in platinum shades. The main thing is to show your individuality.

How to choose a dye for men’s hair

In order to better understand the specifics of dyeing male hair, it is worth figuring out what result you get when using a particular dye. After all, if the packaging promises a golden blond shade, and your natural color is dark brown, this does not mean at all that you will become that blonde from the picture. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at which hair color to choose.

On dark hair

The least negative impact on the quality of dark curls will have a staining in related shades – black, chocolate or nutty. And it is better to lighten only a few tones and thus smoothly move to the colors of a light brown-haired or dark blonde.

On blonde hair

Blondes can safely experiment with their hair color. And if you are afraid to make a mistake with the choice, first you should dwell on the shades that are close to you – from lighter to dark blond. You will definitely not go wrong!


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