Men’s hairstyles with a comb back: Types and rules of styling


Men’s Hairstyles with a Comb Back

Well-groomed hair gives men a special charm and self-confidence. Slicked back strands allow the look to be more masculine and elegant, making it stand out from the crowd. Having appeared at the beginning of the last century, combing is still in trend today. Only the variations change, but slicked-back hair has remained popular for many seasons.

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Canadian Haircut
Canadian Haircut

Who are they suitable for?

This style adorns men with perfect facial features. The shape of the head is encouraged to be proportional, without obvious asymmetry. The shape of the cheekbones cannot be pronounced; the chin must be neat. The hairstyle is very suitable for men with a medium forehead and healthy skin. You can style the strands back on long or medium length hair.

Such hairstyles are preferred by young extravagant men with an ideal forehead shape. Laying back strands looks very harmonious on wavy hair. These mens hairstyles with a special character go well with modern clothing. In case of violation of the hairline on the forehead, rare strands, lop-eared, with a round, triangular and square shape of the face, such styling will not decorate the image. Such haircuts are not very harmoniously combined with business suits

With all the ambiguity, a haircut has a number of advantages:

  • growing back, it looks stylish and impressive;
  • goes well with many styles of clothing;
  • gives a man a pleasant brutality and extravagance;
  • allows coloring strands that are fashionable for men today;
  • it is possible to do styling in different ways.

Hairstyle brutality and extravagance;


One of the most beautiful haircuts with bangs. The hair in the parietal region and in the bangs is left of medium length. The occipital and temporal regions are cut as short as possible. In the classic version, the strands are combed back and lifted. They add volume to the hairstyle, but the shape should be smooth. To do this, they are cut to the same length. For a perfect hairstyle, curls must have a certain density. The created image attracts with the contrast of hair length, a mix of formal and informal style.

It is perfect for any situation in life, helping to look brilliant.

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You can make this popular classic even more creative. For this, one temple is shaved. The other is left with elongated strands. If you wish, you can give this image brutality. To do this, a tattoo is made on a shaved temple or a drawing is shaved with a trimmer. The bangs can be removed not only back, but also combed to one side.


This hairstyle originated in the Canadian ice hockey team, which is where its name came from. In the frontal area and on the crown of the head, the hair is left long. The sides are cut short, making them smooth. The peculiarity of the haircut is a smooth transition from short, smooth temples to a long crown. The image created by such a haircut is characterized by sophistication and charm.

This haircut can be played up in a retro style. For this, both temporal areas are shaved, and the strands on the crown are milled. It turns out the image so beloved by Elvis Presley.


haircut rules - British
How to Haircut British

Gained popularity in the 50s of the last century and is still fashionable. On medium-length hair, the temples are cut with a machine and the occipital hair is shortened. The bangs are left long. Most often it is combed back to increase its volume. If you plan to lay the bangs to one side, shorten the desired side. The created image indicates an innate sense of style and good taste in its owner.
Classic haircut and retro

Elongated hair is left in the region of the crown and on the crown. They fold back easily. Whiskey is not shaved. The length gently transitions from elongated strands to shorter ones. The transition line is made at different heights. It is high, low and medium. With any transition option, the haircut looks very neat.

The combing is done with the help of fixing means, and the resulting styling is very similar to the “British”. Looks good on wavy hair: Waves laid back look beautiful and elegant, adding a certain sophistication to the look.


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