Men’s Hair Care Tips Based on Hair Type


Men’s Hair Care Tips Based on Hair Type

When choosing suitable products for men’s hair care, its characteristics and structure must be taken into account. Some shampoos will be optimal for the owners of oily strands, others are suitable for people with early baldness, the third use of professional coloring and tint mousses helps to mask gray hair – nowadays you can choose a series of care products suitable for each individual person.

Normal Hair

Caring for normal hair is easy. They should be washed every 5-6 days, while using warm, preferably running water (shower). To maintain a well-groomed hair, it is better to use neutral shampoos. After washing, it is advisable to use a conditioner or balm.

Dry Hair Type

Hair type directly depends on the condition of the scalp. Dry strands are in most cases typical of women, but such problems are not uncommon among men. For dry hair, preference should be given to shampoos with a pH of 5-6, for example, baby products. This hairstyle should be washed once every 7-8 days, using soft warm water. If a man often uses mousses or foams, he will have to wash his hair more often: once every 3-4 days. It is important to only use products designed for dry hair against dandruff. Hot drying and other temperature influences are best avoided.

  • For rinsing the head, infusions of herbs without an astringent effect, for example, chamomile and calendula, will be optimal. For owners of dry hair, periodic nourishing masks are recommended for restoration, as well as massage with fingertips.

Greasy hair

It is the oily hair that gives the maximum experience to its owners, since the strands look greasy, unpleasant and sticky within a few hours after washing. The reasons for this are usually reduced to increased secretion of the sebaceous glands. This can be due to hereditary traits, as well as hormonal disorders, malnutrition and prolonged stress.

In this case, you need to wash your hair every two days. It is very important to use warm water as close as possible to body temperature. It is best to avoid hot liquids, as it provokes secretions, and cold water simply will not wash off the fat. If your hair needs more frequent washing, alternate between wet and dry shampoo. You need to lather your head twice in order not only to wash off the dirt, but also to remove the fat from the rod. Cleansing is best done in the morning, when the gland produces the maximum amount of fat.


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