How often do you need to be a haircut


How fast does men’s hair grow on their heads and How often do you need to be a haircut?

The main thing is to adequately assess the condition of the hair, be patient and tune in to systematic work on your appearance.


Rates of Growth Hair

The recommendations of this article will be relevant for those men who want to grow their hair longer than it is at the moment. And it doesn’t matter if their length is 3 mm or 30. If we grow it, we grow it.

Pay attention to your natural background and take a closer look at your next of kin. If neither you nor your family have had and do not have such problems as hair loss, their extremely slow growth or loss at a rather young age, then consider that everything is in order with the genes – you can safely join the adventure with regrowth your hair.

“From the available sources, you can glean information that the average man’s hair grows at a rate of 1.5 cm or 15 mm per month.”

Pick up a penny to visualize 1.5 cm of hair growing back. Its diameter is 15.5 mm. And don’t be confused by the tiny coin size, because 1.5 cm / month for hair growth is a very good speed. Just imagine: at such a speed in six months your head of hair will become equal to the width of the average male palm – 9 cm!.

What affects the low growth rate of hair?

There are factors that a man should exclude from his life at least temporarily, so as not to inhibit natural hair growth.

Of course, this is all about an unhealthy lifestyle: an unbalanced diet, bad habits, low physical activity, aggressive effects on the scalp.

How to accelerate hair growth?

The good news is that there are proven ways to influence the growth of hair on your head. There are not many of them, but they work.

Pharmacy preparations

“Consult your doctor before use”

A competent trichologist will show the assortment and tell you about the advantages of various dietary supplements and vitamin complexes that will be effective precisely in solving the problem of accelerating hair growth. Among them there are both synthetic and natural in composition. Which one to give preference depends on your personal choice.

How often should you trim?

As soon as you want to go to the hairdresser, do not deny yourself this. The master of his craft will remove the length only from those hairs that stand out in their length from the total mass. But at the same time it will update the cut, remove dry and brittle ends and give the hair a fresh look. And growing your hair won’t be so boring.



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