Hair styling methods


Hair styling methods

Hairstyling is called styling them for a short time. Hairstyling consists of various operations with which hairstyles of any shape and pattern are performed.

Styling is done in several ways: blow-dry, tongs (hot styling), curlers and clamps, and cold styling with a comb and fingers.

Hair styling with a hairdryer is widely used not only in men’s but also in women’s hairstyles. If your hair is short, a hairdryer will help to give your hair the desired shape.

Before blow-drying, you need to apply a fixative to your hair. Grab the ends of the hair and pull back, directing the air stream tangentially to the head from the roots to the ends of the hair. Pull short hair vertically relative to the surface of the head. Use your fingers or a comb to wrap the ends of the hair according to their direction in the hairstyle. When using a hairdryer, hair strands are pulled back with a regular comb or brush

Cold styling – with a comb and fingers has been used for a very long time. This styling does not harm your hair.

Moisten hair with styling fixer and comb thoroughly from the forehead back. If there is a parting, then comb from the parting in the direction of hair distribution in the styling.

Insert the comb near the hairline with the forehead or parting and move the comb to the side. The first wave will turn out. Hold the comb in your right hand.

Use the index finger or the edge of the palm and the little finger of your left hand to press the half-wave hair along with the comb to the scalp. Move the comb forward in your hair and move it in the opposite direction without removing your hand.


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