Haircuts with Patterns on the Temples


Haircuts with Patterns on the Temples

It is foolish to think that men are still convinced that it is enough for them to be “a little more beautiful than a monkey” for girls to fall at their feet.

The 21st century dictates its own rules: if a person wants to be successful and please the opposite sex, he must take care of himself. Today one of the most important ways to express yourself is a fashionable haircut. This article reveals the details about haircuts with pictures.

Who are they suitable for?

Creating a hairstyle with a shaved pattern is not an easy task. To get the desired result, the master must be a specialist in the field of men’s styling and not an ordinary hairdresser. A true professional will first assess the client’s face and style of clothing, and then recommend the best type of haircut.

Such a creative will suit people, which will be discussed below.

Most of the men who prefer patterned haircuts are the “creative intelligentsia” or athletes. And this is not surprising, because the representatives of these areas are almost always in sight, and therefore attract the attention of the people around them. Musicians and artists, football players, and boxers – they all want to have a recognizable image and look unique.

Varieties Geometry Haircuts

Below are options for images that can be done with a typewriter or paint on a man’s head.

Geometry is always in fashion. It includes stripes, zigzags, triangles, ornaments.

  • Exotic. This type of pattern includes a haircut in the form of a lizard, hieroglyph, tongues of flame. Looks impressive with appropriate staining.
  • Kids love the stars, as well as the patterns of Batman’s wings, Wolverine’s claw marks or Spider-Man’s web.
  • Teenagers choose a pattern that symbolizes their favorite label, for example, Adidas, Reebok, Puma.

The 3D pattern is a very bold and unusual solution. To perform such a haircut, you need to shave off or cut short all hair that is “not participating” in the creation of the pattern. Most often, spiders, dragons, lizards, ancient ethnic ornaments, stars, lightning serve as “inspiration” for the embodiment of such a masterpiece of hairdressing.


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