The most relevant hairstyles


The most relevant hairstyles

Beautiful hairstyles for men in 2019-2020 can be described as bold, bright, charismatic.

Among the trends are many haircuts that previously could be attributed to the retro style. For example, “Hitler Youth”, which is in the spirit of Germany in the 30-40s of the XX century. It is characterized by the presence of an elongated narrow bangs from the crown to the temple. The hair on top is at least 10 cm long, the temples and the back of the head

“Princeton” – is another fashion trend from the past. A haircut in the best traditions of a prestigious American university assumes the length of the hair in the crown area in the range of 3-5 cm, the back of the head and the area behind the ears are cut short, the transition between zones of different lengths is performed as softly and delicately as possible.

“Caesar” – hairdo and haircut in the spirit of the famous ancient Roman commander. Straight short bangs with an expressive hemline, shaved temples and nape, lengthening from the line above the forehead to the crown – all this creates a clear, graphic silhouette. A haircut of this type looks good on very thick, straight hair.

Grunge haircuts are making a comeback on the leaderboard, allowing experimenting enthusiasts to try on a wide variety of hairstyles. Here, graded strands are used, medium or maximum length. A torn, uneven haircut is accentuated by styling – it can be rebellious curls in the spirit of Kurt Cobain or a hairstyle with an emphasis on smooth temples and a raised crown.


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