Fashionable Haircuts of Celebrities and Hollywood Stars


Fashionable Haircuts of Celebrities and Hollywood Stars

Today we will consider three stylish hairstyles of Hollywood celebrities, they know what style and fashion are!

British haircut

A fashionable British haircut, which provides for short hair at the temples and medium-length strands at the crown. The haircut is done in two levels. From the frontal part, the hair is removed and combed back or sideways with the help of a gel or wax. An even side parting is made, which separates the fleece from the side of the hair. The parietal part of the hair is raised up and fixed in this position with varnish. The hairstyle requires some styling skills, although not very difficult to perform. Perfect for any event and decorate a costume with a bow tie.

Justin Timberlake Hairstyle
Justin Timberlake

A modern fashionable haircut for men who have a sense of style and strive to have an excellent look even in a suit. The temples and occipital region are shaved high. A sharp transition in the length of the hair at the crown, and the length can be different. Hair is brushed carelessly in the forehead area and raised. Strands that run down to the crown and back of the head are cut shorter. For fixation, a special hair spray is used. Very popular with men of all ages and styles. The haircut can be styled in different ways, which is its functionality. Truly Hollywood styling.

Canadian Hairstyle

Chris Pine Hairstyle
Chris Pine Hairstyle

The most popular hairstyle – Canadian – for men with long hair, which can be safely called a classic. The haircut is ideal for both curly and straight hair.

The hairstyle looks very restrained and elegant. The hair on the back of the head and on the sides is brushed back smoothly. Hair from the forehead and crown also rises slightly at the root and is laid back. You can use different fixing agents. You can wiggle the strands with your fingers, giving them extra volume.


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