Correct and Incorrect Haircut Options


Correct and Incorrect Haircut Options

The correct type of haircut with a clipper

The correct type of haircut with a clipper
haircut with a clipper

Men’s Haircuts: Types and Features

Men’s haircuts and hairstyles have a huge number of types. It is necessary to select styling depending on the shape of the face and lifestyle. When choosing a particular hairstyle, it is important to consider the main points:

  1. For short hair it is easier to carry out systemic care;
  2. Medium hair gives the widest scope for the embodiment of interesting ideas, but requires more attention than short hair;
  3. For lengths longer than average, you will need daily careful care and styling.

An example of correct and incorrect haircuts for short hair

Short men’s haircuts

For guys who have straight nose lines, a clear chin, with the correct shape of eyebrows and forehead, short haircuts with straight hair are suitable.

If the oval is rounded, and the forehead is convex, almond cheekbones and pronounced lips, then a short haircut should be with rounded bangs that are lifted up.

When choosing a short haircut, you need to take into account the ratio of head and figure sizes. Short haircuts are suitable for men over the age of 25, whose face is without strong pigmentation, and the skin is not problematic.

An Example of How to Cut the Hair Right

Haircuts for medium length hair

Average men’s haircuts are usually done on smooth and even hair. If the hair is thick, then any haircuts can be done on them. For owners of curly hair, haircuts are performed, taking into account the direction of their growth.

Long men’s haircuts

Haircuts for long male hair are made symmetrical and asymmetric. This hairstyle allows you to experiment with yourself, make the image brutal and romantic.

Long hair will help hide imperfections, reflect character well, and it also gets dirty more slowly than short hair. Hairstyles with long hair are suitable for men in creative professions and require careful maintenance.

Symmetrical and asymmetrical haircuts are done with or without bangs, which also allows you to dilute the image, making it more interesting.


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