how to cut pompadur

Although there are many variations of this style for men, women and children, the basic concept is that the hair should be pulled up from the face and worn high above the forehead, and in some cases, around the sides and combed back. The pompadour hairstyle was originally named after Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, better known as the Marquise de Pompadour, the official favorite of King Louis XV of France. This hairstyle, which she wore, soon became a sign of luxury and status. Later, the hair began to curl with cream and, with the help of an iron frame, the hair became extraordinary in size. Later, instead of frames, they began to use special pillows filled with their own or artificial hair to create volume.

After its initial popularity among fashionable women of the XVIII century, the style was revived in the 1890s in the image of the Gibson Girls – the ideal of female beauty, created by American illustrator Charles Dan Gibson and continued to be in vogue until the First World War. The hair was arranged upwards from the face with a vortex folded at the top of the head.

The male version became popular thanks to Elvis Presley in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Local aces from the college baseball team in sweaters, courting cute waitresses who deliver milkshakes on rollers in a colorful diner by the roadside; rockabilly band in the same checkered jackets, to the lively shouts of enthusiastic young girls, honoring the King of Rock and Roll, replays his latest hit; daring briolists in coats and shabby shoes, cutting through the quiet American countryside on muscular cars and charged hot rods. The latter, they say, greased their hair with machine oil and soot for special stability. All of them were united by the desire to wear an unshakable pompadour – an iconic element of the American spirit, which today has become an integral part of the image of the followers of vintage culture of that era.


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