Haircuts with Elements of Drawings


Haircuts with Elements of Drawings

Perform a “basic” haircut, prepare the area for the drawing. Coarse hair is cut shorter, while soft hair is left longer. Shave the main lines with a trimmer. To obtain straight contours, use the entire width of the blade, slightly pressing on it. Hold the trimmer at an angle to shave curved lines.

Hairstyle with Twin Towers in Honor of the 9/11 Tragedy

Haircuts with Graffiti Drawings

Shave the short lines first along the hair growth, then you need to go back and detail this area to avoid mistakes in the desired design.

Increase the width of large lines gradually, making several passes with a trimmer. For their “finishing”, the blade is turned and worked against hair growth. This must be done very carefully, otherwise, you can ruin the drawing by shaving out too much.

Give the final touches with a barber’s razor, also working against the hair.

“Since this procedure is fraught with the risk of damaging the skin, you need to act with light, short movements.”


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