Correction of the face and head with a hairstyle


Correction of the face and head with a hairstyle

A hairstyle is one of the main adornments of a person, but when choosing a haircut or hairstyle, one should take into account, in addition to appearance, the initial length of hair over the entire surface of the head, the color and structure of the hair.

Correctly chosen haircut and hairstyle can work wonders and hide many flaws in appearance or head shape, highlight the dignity of a person.

All faces can be conditionally divided into five types:

  • Oval face;
  • triangular;
  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • round.

“Clean” face types are rare, more often mixed types.

Any haircuts and hairstyles with parting, bangs and without bangs, symmetrical or asymmetrical, etc. suit such a face. Therefore, all other face types must be brought closer with the help of an oval hairstyle.

The triangular face is characterized by wide cheekbones and a narrow chin.

It is recommended to place the wide part of the hairstyle along the line of the middle of the ear or earlobes. You need a long straight or oblique bangs to the eyebrows, curls at the crown, and fleece. Short bangs and smoothly combed side hair are not recommended – this sharply emphasizes the cheekbones.

The square face is characterized by a heavy lower jaw and a large forehead.

For such persons, asymmetric hairstyles with wavy contours, side parting, and half-open ears are recommended. You can use bouffant on the back and sides of the head. Long, thick bangs are not recommended, as they will accentuate the heaviness of the chin, like asymmetrical hairstyles or hair combed from the face.

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The rectangular face is characterized by a high forehead and a long chin.

We recommend thick bangs up to the eyebrows, straight or asymmetrical, ears closed, curly hair framing the face. Long straight hair with vertical lines, which can significantly lengthen the face, is not recommended.

The round face is characterized by wide cheekbones.

Recommended hairstyle silhouette, which expands from the ears upwards, side bangs, side parting, asymmetrical hairstyle. A hairstyle with a round silhouette that repeats the shape of the face and hair that is smoothly combed from the face and parted is not recommended.

Other defects may also occur: a long or small nose, protruding ears, a short or long neck, a flat nape, baldness or bald patches, and so on. These defects can be smoothed out with a hairstyle.

For a person with a long nose, it is recommended to do fluffy bangs, fluffy voluminous hairstyle, use bouffant. Do not style your hair smoothly.

For a person with a very small nose, it is recommended to use small curls, curls in the hairstyle, it is undesirable to use bangs and large curls.


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