Men’s hairstyles with a comb back: types and rules of styling


Men’s hairstyles with a comb back: types and rules of styling

Well-groomed hair gives men a special charm and confidence in their abilities. Slicked back strands allow the look to be more masculine and elegant, making it stand out from the crowd. Having appeared at the beginning of the last century, combing is still in trend today. Only the variations change, but slicked-back hair has remained popular for many seasons.

Who are they suitable for?

This style adorns men with perfect facial features. The shape of the head is encouraged to be proportional, without obvious asymmetry. The shape of the cheekbones cannot be pronounced; the chin must be neat. The hairstyle is very suitable for men with a medium forehead and healthy skin. You can style the strands back on long or medium length hair.

With all the ambiguity, a haircut has a number of advantages:

  • growing back, it looks stylish and impressive;
  • goes well with many styles of clothing;
  • gives a man a pleasant brutality and extravagance;
  • allows coloring strands that are fashionable for men today;
  • it is possible to do styling in different ways.

“Men of all ages like to comb their hair back, but it works best for young guys. More mature representatives of the stronger sex should pay attention to the classic haircut option.”



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