Man’s Grooming Beard


How to grooming of your beard at home?

Growing a beard for a man is often preceded by the idea that this will be a simplified version of facial care. But this is a misconception.

If you belong to this number of people and also thought to get rid of the morning procedures in this way, I must disappoint you. In practice, a beard takes the same amount of time as shaving. It’s like with hair on your head: the more attention we pay to its care, the better it looks.

But there is no reason to be sad. Perhaps you will like the procedure so much that it will no longer be a necessary waste of time and will turn into a favorite pastime.

Now we will tell you about daily beard grooming. And these will not be things in the style of “wash it from time to time”, but advice on how to get a cool beard for everyone to envy.

Wash your beard

Usually, your beard does not require aggressive washing, except when it is full of crumbs or dripping sauce after a loud party.

Using regular shampoo or a bar of soap will leave your beard dry and firm, like abrasive or dishwashing scrapers.

Ideal – special beard shampoos. Gently wet the beard, add the product, create lather with massage movements, spread over the whole beard, rinse.

Specialty beard cleaners are much gentler than regular shampoos and soaps, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t get well hydrated after using them. The main goal was achieved – the beard is clean and free of soapy deposits. Moisturizing – after.

Daily washing is optional, but if you want, please. It is not prohibited. Just choose a product that is as delicate as possible. The main thing is not to dry the skin. However, if you adhere to all the tips, you will not face drying out.

If you do not want to wash your beard every day, as you take a shower, do not wash it. Just place your face under warm water for a minute and run your hands over your beard. This is enough until the next grooming day.

In general, a wash frequency of every 2 or 3 days is considered ideal. True, it is better to wash the mustache daily. It’s a mustache. And not only because they are in contact with food. Styling wax works best on completely clean hair.


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