The beard is a man’s pride


The beard is a man’s pride

The beard is a man’s pride, and this is understandable, because it really decorates.

With the help of a Beard, many men skillfully mask defects in appearance. With small stature, they seem taller, with excessive fullness – slimmer, with not too expressive facial features – more impressive. Of course, all this is possible when one important condition is met – the style of the beard is chosen correctly. However, this is not enough – it needs to be cared for and cherished, which means that it should be cut and shaved correctly.

Haircut tools

We will immediately warn everyone who decides to self-ennoble their vegetation that ordinary scissors, an old razor and a disposable machine cannot be used in this matter. Experienced barbers, in general, advise throwing away these accessories, which can ruin not only the haircut, but also the hair structure, even if it is the most beautiful, and buy professional tools.

We choose only high-quality tools

  1. You can cut with scissors, but they must be made of titanium, vanadium or chrome plated steel. Such a tool is durable, durable, has hypoallergenic properties that exclude irritation. Scissors with sharp ends are suitable for edging, and it is also important that the device is not too heavy and fits comfortably in the hand. If you are looking for a long or thick beard, this is ideal.
  2. A razor is needed to shave the exposed parts of the face. When choosing a power tool, see that there is a special mesh in it that protects the skin from cuts, it is better to select a rotary motor or with a slight vibration. But for perfectly smooth skin, it’s definitely better to use a shaving razor and it should be of high quality.
  3. A trimmer is a convenient device that allows you to trim, cut, shave off the hair on the cheeks, make all the lines of the chosen shape clearly defined. A variety of attachments can cut different lengths of hair, but in general it is best used for small beards.
  4. Clippers are mainly designed to reduce length, but they cannot cut hair as short as a trimmer. It is wiser to use them for long hair care. Salon masters believe that it is better for beginners to use a trimmer – it is easier to work with it, moreover, it is cheaper, more compact, if necessary, you can take it with you on trips.

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So, men have a fairly wide selection of tools, the main criterion of which is their own beard – its length, color, density, hair structure. But also for working at home you need additional accessories, without which it is impossible to maintain the shape and appearance of vegetation – a wall and a small mirror, templates for creating edging, combs and combs made of natural materials, shaving cosmetics and after this procedure.


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