Shia LaBeouf – Hairstyle



Shia LaBeouf – Hairstyle

Transformers star Shia LaBeouf once again distinguished himself. This time, not with her shocking behavior, but with her original hairstyle. It seems that spring inspired the actor to experiment with the image.

Shia LaBeouf New HairstyleThe other day, the paparazzi filmed LaBeouf with a new haircut. Shia shaved off his temple hair, but a shoulder-length braid appeared at the back of his head. Either the actor drank a course of magic vitamins for instant hair growth, or he used the extension procedure.

Be that as it may, in Hollywood, the law of balance is clearly at work: as soon as Jared Leto got rid of his luxurious head of hair, Shia LaBeouf immediately got long hair. Do you like the scandalous actor’s new hairstyle?

He used to prefer the classic style

Also he had a beard and mustache


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