Men’s ponytail hairstyles: what are they and who are they suitable for?


Men’s ponytail hairstyles: what are they and who are they suitable for?

If earlier long hair, ponytails and pigtails were only a woman’s property, today such hairstyles are actively used by many modern men. Haircuts with a ponytail, depending on the version, can make the image of a modern man more romantic, brutal and charismatic. In this article, you will find out what types of men’s hairstyles with a ponytail exist and who are most suitable for such haircuts.

Who is suitable for a haircut with long hair

Each hairstyle to one degree or another looks better on certain men – some haircut will go well with the business style, some will give the man’s image more brutality and masculinity. The factors below will help you decide if ponytail hairstyles are right for your bow.

  • Everyone’s attention. A man who has decided on such a hairstyle needs to know that all men’s haircuts with a ponytail and long hair attract the attention of others. A man with such a haircut will always stand out in the crowd, for which you need to be prepared.

  • Face type. Hair gathered in a ponytail opens up the face as much as possible, and therefore these haircuts look harmonious on men with regular, oval faces. In this case, they emphasize the correctness of facial features, make the eyes more expressive and show a beautiful, even forehead. If you have a round face, you should avoid haircuts with a ponytail – this method of styling long hair will round your facial features even more. For thin faces, their ponytail hairstyle will make them even more elongated.


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