Men’s hairstyles for coarse hair: types and methods of styling


Men’s hairstyles for coarse hair: types and methods of styling

Men’s hairstyles for coarse hair must take into account their individual characteristics.

The coarser the structure, the more difficult the process of taming the rebellious head of hair becomes. It is not enough to choose the right haircut, you also need to master the styling, which allows you to present the hairstyle in a favorable light, harmoniously shade the appearance, add nobility to the image, or, conversely, add hooligan notes to it. And here, to help fashionistas, the beauty industry offers modern styling products designed specifically for coarse hair.

How to style medium length strands? What kind of care should be part of your daily routine? How do men style short hair and long, straight hair? Do you need experiments or should you limit yourself to classic hairstyles? The answers to these questions will help owners of coarse hair always maintain the attractiveness of their image.


Coarse hair is not uncommon. They are found in most European men, Asians, Africans, and most often make it easy to experiment with appearance. But such a structure has its own characteristics, which can significantly complicate the life of its owner.

Owners of coarse hair are contraindicated in hairstyles with significant lengthening in the frontal and parietal regions with short side strands. This is especially true for owners of curly or curly strands on the temples. In addition, with coarse hair structure, hairdressers try to avoid using the hair clipper. Instead, it is recommended to use only scissors – ordinary or thinning, which allow you to thin out unnecessarily thick areas, give shape to the hair.




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