Shape and Type of Beard


Shape and Type of Beard

For a man, a properly modeled shape and type of beard is one of the ways to assert himself and express his individuality.

Type of Beard
Shape and Type of Beard

Modeling Basics

Do not confuse styling with a regular haircut and chin beard triming. It differs from these manipulations in that it includes a number of important points.

  • A serious study of the male image, taking into account the characteristics of a person, up to his anatomical data, physique, manner of dress, because the image should be harmonious in everything.
  • Selection of tools to help model the shape and maintain it independently in the future. These should only be high-quality professional accessories for a specific purpose.
  • Depending on the type of hair, this can be a trimmer, a clipper, in some cases – the additional use of a straight razor or machine.
  • The issue of growing a beard of a certain length and caring for it during this process must also be resolved – only a healthy hair structure allows you to make a beard that looks beautiful and stylish.
Type #2 of Beard
Type #2 of Beard

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” Other topics for discussion directly related to modeling are the length and volume of vegetation.”

The beard can be long or short, the optimal color is in harmony with the shade of the hair on the head and skin color.

On the first visit to a barbershop, a man should already have grown facial hair. The master will take into account the wishes, help with choosing the best option, carry out modeling and processing of the beard.

Type #3 of Beard
Type #3 of Beard

“In the end, the client will be able to receive important recommendations on how to correct hair step by step at home without compromising their health and appearance.”


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