How to use Clipper or Trimmer for Beard


How to use Clipper or Trimmer for Beard

How to use a Trimmer and clipper to Correct your Beard.

Usually, a beard correction is associated with the use of a clipper or trimmer, which, in addition to cutting, allows you to shave the hair on the cheeks up to 1–2 mm. However, we must not forget about such a simple tool as a razor – this particular hairdressing accessory guarantees a clean and close shave.

The correct actions for beard care are as follows:

  1. Clean hair should be combed, and if it sticks out, then you can slightly wet it;
    when the silhouette of the beard is already selected, it remains only to remove the hair that makes the contour blurry;
  2. The main lines that need to be given special attention are in the area of ​​the cheekbones, cheeks and neck;
  3. Sideburn hair should also be aligned in accordance with the general shape and not protrude beyond its borders;
  4. With a large length of excess hair, some of them can be cut off with scissors with thin sharp blades, and the machine can also handle the mass of hair and its volume;
  5. Do not forget to compare both halves of the face, observing symmetry;
    the mustache line is leveled with scissors;
  6. If the light stubble left on the cheeks is not consistent with the style of the beard, a razor is used to ensure absolute smoothness of the skin;
  7. In conclusion, the neck area is treated, also with a razor.

” When working with a beard, rush is not allowed, while it is advisable to correct the beard in a good mood – this will help to avoid mistakes caused by hasty, incorrect movements.”

Many men often have the question of what design options to choose for their facial hair. But the answer to it already exists – only those that fit a particular image.

When choosing an individual beard style, you need to consider the following facts:

  • For men with a round face, beards in the form of a trapezoid are appropriate;
    with a square shape, the beard should be solid, but short, the option in the form of a strip or island is also suitable;
  • A wide beard looks flawless on triangular faces – it enlarges the chin, making the overall look more proportional and harmonious;
  • An elongated oval can be balanced with a small beard and sideburns;
  • To round a rectangular face, just make a horseshoe-shaped beard.

“Correctly chosen design, in addition, implies the correspondence of the size of the beard to the physique and height of the man.”

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Agree that a long, lush version of this accessory will make the image of a small person grotesque, this option is more suitable for large men: both in height and in build.

There are other selection criteria – massive types of beards look better in men with light, blond hair, while compact small ones are the prerogative of dark-haired representatives of the stronger sex.


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