The Best Classic Men’s Haircuts of the 2021 Season


The Best Classic Men’s Haircuts of the 2021 Season

Classic fade hairstyle


Gone are the days when men’s haircuts were simple and modest. Modern fashion dictates different rules: Hairstyles have become more complex, textured, with contrasting transitions from one length to another. Styles have also become more creative and fashionable, with tousled hair, spikes and the effect of wet hair at the peak of popularity. Many new names and styles have appeared: fade, undercut, quiff, preppy, mohawk, pompadour, faux hawk haircuts, which firmly occupy the first places among men’s hairstyles due to their versatility and a wide variety of styling.

Combed to the Side UnderCut

Undercut – this is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable haircuts for several seasons in a row. A characteristic feature of this hairstyle is a combination of short-cropped or shaved temples, and long strands on the crown and back of the head, and the border between these lengths is clearly marked. The haircut has gained such popularity due to its versatility and numerous options for both the haircut itself and the styling. For example, in this case, long hair on the crown is separated by a clear parting and combed to the side.

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Designer hairstyle


Army haircut

The military style does not give up its positions. This haircut will emphasize your masculinity, strength of character and self-confidence. An ultra-short haircut with sharp and clear geometric lines beautifully frames the face, it is quite easy to care for and does not require daily styling, it is especially suitable for a dynamic man who lives an active and eventful life. Light stubble will complement the image of a strong and serious leader.

Choice of hairstyles


Elegant Preppy Haircut

Undoubtedly, disheveled hairstyles are a very popular trend, but they are not always appropriate and contrary to strict dress code rules. In contrast, the now popular Preppy haircut is the very embodiment of elegance and neatness. The main characteristic features of this haircut are long strands at the crown, no protruding ends and a smooth styling texture. Matt Lanter with this hairstyle looks just flawless, as befits a real celebrity on the red carpet.



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