Beard and Haircuts with Designer Patterns


Beard and haircuts with designer patterns

Current trends in hair coloring never cease to amaze. And if earlier a bold change of “image” was mainly the prerogative of women, now men have much more room for maneuver in this area.

We are no longer surprised by a color that is at least slightly different from the usual chestnut, black or blonde. Color trends are changing at such a pace that it is difficult to keep track of them. And if earlier mainly ladies were not afraid to experiment with shades of their hair, now everything has changed. “Men-mermaids”, “Aquatic Man”, “Man-siren” – as they are not called this trend that just blew up the Internet. It seems that all this time men were quietly hatching an insidious plan to conquer the beauty Olympus in the field of hairstyles.

Designer beard and colored hair


As the name suggests, the most popular shade of hair for men was aquamarine, but the most daring ones even swung to pink, purple, and pomegranate. Moreover, the representatives of the stronger sex did not confine themselves to dyeing their “hair”, but also dyed their beards! And not always the color of the hair on the head coincided with the shade of the stubble on the chin.

Among men who are not afraid of experimenting with their hair, celebrities were also noticed – Jared Leto, Chris Brown, Adam Lambert, Zane Malik, and Nico Tortorella.

It is up to you to dye your hair and beard in different colors.


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