Necessary hair styling products and tools


Necessary Hair Styling Products and Tools

A styling that will retain its look all day is impossible without quality products and the right tools. The main components are the right styling products. After applying them, the strands should look natural.

Comb styling is done only on clean hair. The shampoo is selected according to the type of hair. In order for the strands to become obedient, use conditioner, mousse or balm. You will also need a hairdryer.

Many men like to style with their fingers, stretching the styling product lightly and evenly. For a smoother style, use a thin comb. Styling with it looks neater. For wavy and thick hair, you will need a round brush, it is called brushing.

If you want to add volume, use Grease. The formulation helps smooth and style hair back, achieving a balance between hold and deflection. Available in oil and water-based. The oily version is ideal for dry hair. It will moisturize them and give them a healthy look. The disadvantage is the difficulty in flushing. The product is lighter on water, it gently fixes the direction of the strands. Washes well with water.

“Grease can have varying degrees of fixation. Medium to strong hold is good for combing back. For simple styling and giving the desired configuration to curls, a matte option is better.”

Consider a few other styling products

  • Wax. It helps to keep the shape without reducing volume and smoothing curls. Preserves the natural look of the hairstyle and is suitable for all scalp types. For those who prefer naturalness, the wax is a perfect choice.
  • Clay. It is used as a modeling tool, dries the strands. This is a good option for oily hair. Gives them a natural and well-groomed look. But you need to spend it carefully: clay can dry out the strands and make it difficult to comb back.
  • Gel. Fixes and moisturizes curls. Some products add volume and damp hair.


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