Best Hairstyles and Haircuts To Try Right Now


Best Hairstyles and Haircuts To Try Right Now

Men’s fashion is fleeting and changeable, and this rule applies not only to silhouettes in clothes.


Length, hair color, hairstyle shape are important in creating images of inveterate dudes and those who are used to following trends. It is not easy to list all men’s haircuts even within 1 fashion season – the modern world is dynamic, and what was considered retro yesterday may be at the peak of popularity today.

“However, there are types of common hairstyles for men that suit almost everyone. Not only hairdressers are familiar with many names, but the names “mallet” or hawk is unlikely to be understood by a common man in the street.”

The variety of schemes of beautiful haircuts for hair of different lengths allows every man to easily choose the optimal hairstyle for creating fashionable or everyday looks.

How to choose Haircute?

Choosing a haircut for men is always fraught with certain difficulties. Before making a fashionable asymmetry, shortly cutting long strands or shaving off whiskey, you should definitely take into account the individual characteristics of a person’s appearance. Professionals in the field of hairdressing recommend that you pay attention to the appropriateness of the hairstyle for age, face type, and lifestyle.

Among the basic rules can be called the compatibility of hair color and a man’s appearance. For example, natural strands of a mouse shade with a considerable length look faded and make the appearance faceless. But in a short haircut, they give a certain charm to the image, make it more interesting.

Styles Haicute

Among the popular styles of men’s hairstyles, the following options can be distinguished.

  • Classic. Hairstyles are dominated by a traditional look, with a hair length of about 30-50 mm and styling in the parting or combing the hair back. Such haircuts have a clear and laconic form, evenly graded edges. Hair is always neatly styled, allowing you to quickly create an elegant hairstyle appropriate in the office, at a business lunch, in a university classroom.
  • Shaved or well-defined whiskey. The emphasis on this area allows you to radically change the sculpture of the face, correcting it if necessary.
  • Clear forms. Even disheveled haircuts and hairstyles have traced outlines that are characteristic of them.

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